About us

Know us
Founded in 1998, Femmes Côte d'Ivoire Expérience is a Non-Governmental Organization governed by 60-315, 1960-09-21 Law on associations in Côte d'Ivoire. It is apolitical and non-profit oriented, aiming to improve the living conditions of women and children in general by placing special emphasis on the lives of women and children in rural areas through support for cultural, socio-economic, psychological and environmental development.

Our Main Niche
Women in general, espacially those living in rural and precarious areas.
FCIEX also includes girls, and, to a certain extent, children whose well-being is closely related to the women's.

Our vision
See a transformed society with women in general, those living in rural areas in particular, active, self-sufficient, mature in all respects, healthy, enjoying all their rights.

Our mission
Contribute to build a generation of happy women taking part in self-transformation through education, in promotion of peace in a healthy environment and in complete development.

Our values
  •  Faith and Love;
  • Solidarity and Sharing;
  • Engagement and Passion;
  • Unity, Rigour, and team spirit;
  •  Humility and Respect in Diversity;
  • Passion and Professionalism.

  • Our Object
    Work to build a community of women, especially those in rural areas, who manage to completely and qualitatively transform their lives as well as people around's lives through support to spiritual, socio-economic, psychological, cultural and environmental development initiatives.